Social media contest


The explosive growth of social Media has provided millions of people the opportunity to be part of the brand identity and marketing mix of a company. Moreover consumers feel more engaged with products and organizations when they are able to submit their own content related to a brand.

All the marketers agree that contest is the best way to create online buzz, engagement and brand awareness.

A contest is competition between rivals for a prize. Thanks to social networks such online contests gives Internet users a sense of ownership and increased engagement.

Some of the concerns that you usually face once you want to launch a contest are the following:

Through BuzzMyBrand we give you a route to easily avoid any troubles tank to a pattern that lead you to definition of the contest that suits best with your goals.

As for the first point we enable you to run the contest through various publishers and creative formats. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. And we are compatible as well with mobile friendly Microsites, Websites, iFrame in case you would need such solution.

The entry mechanismm is made really easy and user-friendly by BuzzMyBrand since we may connect your corporate social network accounts to BuzzMyBrand Contest Platform and. The duration of the contest is up to you and we allow you to manage the contest experience through our clear and concise dashboard.

The winning method of the contest is one of the strongest point about BuzzMyBrand: through our technology named Social Buzz® users must just receive the highest number of likes, shares and comments on major social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Then a software will evaluate the success of a photo or video on any social media and quantify it, ranking content in real time for everyone to view. By doing so, users will become your brand’s main ambassadors.

Finally BuzzMyBrand enalble you to launch and run a contest directly on the hot hashtags of the moment making your users’ content directly flow into them.

The contests that succeed are ones that appeal to the lifestyle and interests of the company’s target market. Some companies have encouraged consumers to submit photos or recorded footage of the product in action and it is clear that enabling consumers to see others using the product can entertain and engage customers while communicating product benefits. Through online contest you can also get how much influential your users are, which is determined by the actual propagation of their content through social networks.

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