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Today we open our blog BuzzMyBrand, the official blog of the website We are a team of young professionals who have done many different experiences all around the world (from Asia to California) and now offer an innovative service for anyone involved in digital marketing.

With BuzzMyBrand you can launch UGC campaigns (based on user generated content) on a chosen topic and simultaneously on social networks. You can do it being aware of the topics the people talk most on social media and on those trends that match your market targets and your brand identity. This is thanks to a technology that can dig into the net and fathom million of hashtags to provide you with a simple list of hot topic of the moment, the ones on which you should aim to create attention, buzz and engagement on social networks.

In order to win a contest launched using BuzzMyBrand , users must get the highest number of likes, shares, comments and views on the major social media like Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and YouTube . Our software will evaluate the success of a photo or a video on any social media and quantify it, ranking content in real time for everyone to view. By doing so, users with the highest Social Buzz® (we named it so) will become your brand’s main ambassadors.

It’s not over. Our pricing model is completely performance-based. We are the first, and so far the only, company that bills you based on the outcome of your launched BuzzMyBrand campaigns and the concrete results they achievewe.

By now your company shall find out the hot topics on the network that suit best with your brand identity and your market target and you can start a real-time instant contest with your logo watermarked on each user generated content. Alternatively you can use the standard solution, to launch campaigns aimed to specific corporate targets such as: leads creation, sales conversion, APP downloads. In fact, you can set your campaign based on those that are in that specific moment your specific needs and have detailed analytics on the conversion rate related to each campaign.

In the coming posts we will go into the details of our business and we will discuss about everything that goes around the contest’s world, including suggestions to make every campaign a successfull. So stay tuned following this blog and through on our social media pages.


For more info please contact us at or pay us a visit at Via Chiossetto 12 in Milan.

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